I finished my first kayaking trip. It was peaceful and rejuvenating. Each day consisted of only 1-2 hours of kayaking. I was able to coast a lot and listen to the sounds of birds nearby. The kayaking wasn’t physically demanding, however after every day I was quite tired. The combination of heat/sun and lack of drinking water were likely the main culprits. I tried to drink plenty of water, but the water tasted weird at one homestay I visited. Didn’t feel comfortable drinking it; it took awhile to recover from that.

When kayaking I set short visual goals for myself. I apply a similar goal setting method to life as well. Setting a series of short attainable goals helps me reach what I finally want to achieve. That way you’re always accomplishing something and stay positive about your endeavors.

I’ve been considering switching my next kayak leg to a canoe leg. The local Papuans use dugout canoes. Most of them now have a motor, but the odd one still doesn’t. I feel bad when flying past them. The locals stare at me now; wait until they see me in a dugout.

I took the ferry back to Sorong to meet Ranny the guide, and her group. They don’t arrive for a couple of days which gives me an opportunity to see more of Sorong; the largest city in Papua. There were some celebrities on board the ferry with me. That Vietnamese crew that was caught illegally fishing here came along via armed convoy.

Once is Sorong, the search began for a recommended hotel. There’s no sign or indication that it’s a hotel at all. However it’s a very nice room with a shower, tv and air conditioning. I was also able to do some well over due laundry. We then went for a nice dinner at a favorite local spot. Everyone wanted a picture with me, it was quite funny and I happily obliged. Everyone is so friendly here and very eager to speak English with me. Conversations don’t go much beyond “what is your name?”  and “how are you?” For ones that don’t know any English a smile goes a mile.


We did some touristy things the next day that involved a lot of walking. This was a well needed and much appreciated break. I will be on a three day tour starting on the 19th with a group of 10 Indonesians. More stories to follow.

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