Arrived at last! It was a fairly uneventful trip. Normally “events” can seem negative when going on long trips. All in all the trip included 5 flights and 2 boat rides. It took me 44 hours to get to my first homestay.

Battled the sleep monster when I closed my eyes on the plane. Kicked, punched and threw out a few karate chops while I dozed; quite the disturbance for the person sitting next to me. I went to bed fairly early the first night. Sleep totaled 8 hours in the previous 3 days, time to catch up.

Upon arrival in Raja Ampat, I was immediately impressed by was how lush the vegetation is on these islands. It reminds me of the Jurassic Park movie.  You literally cannot see 5 feet into the jungle, and all of it is jungle. The people were very welcoming at the airport and on the ferry. More photos in the next post – they say it all, stay tuned…


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