I made it back to the homestay. I was eager to tell everyone about my experience. It turns out the local guide Ranny and I have the same opinion and solutions regarding the garbage on the beaches. We started laying the foundation for a volunteer program. I think it’s a great solution. The program alone won’t solve the problem but combining it with educating the local population will help.

There are 8 people now at our homestay. Home countries include Switzerland, Norway, Germany, France and Slovenia. I quite enjoy spending time with everyone; the majority of them are very knowledgeable about the area. The Slovenian couple brought some beers including Guinness. It was very refreshing having a cold beer. Then he pulled out some whiskey, that along with some music made it quite an enjoyable night.

I asked about the dogs on the islands. Apparently they have been here for some time and were a major part of  the indigenous culture. They act very differently from the dogs at home. They’re shy and timid. Then I was told the people eat dog here, so it started to make sense.

I will be staying at the Kordiris homestay for one more night. Another couple will be joining me along with the Slovenian couple on a trip to the Northwest part of Raja Ampat called Sayang. It will be a 3 day journey.  I plan to touch base with www.kayak4conservation.com on my return.

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