It has been interesting so far. I had to cancel my original flight because my Visa was rejected. The Indonesian Embassy stated it was too dangerous to travel in that area alone. I have never heard this before, everyone I talk to say people travel to this area alone all the time. So I called the embassy to get further clarification. Which area did they mean in particular? What are the safety concerns? None of which they were willing to answer. He told me to try visiting there in a couple of years…right.

I am trying to get a 60 day tourist Visa. This is something I need to apply for ahead of time. The other option is to get a 30 day visa upon arrival, and then get another 30 day halfway through my trip. I thought the 60 day would be an easier option since I didn’t know where I would be half way through my trip. Turns out I was wrong. The embassy said they’ll issue my Visa if I can get an Indonesian tourism company to guarantee my safety for the duration of my trip. Obviously this is a weird request and no one wants to be liable for me, which I completely understand… I don’t even like being liable for myself.


For those of you who don’t know me well, my travel stories are usually used as comic relief among family members at the Christmas dinner table. It’s amazing how many times one person can forget an important travel document or even my only suitcase when traveling, but I seem to find a way. When everything does come together, it only makes it that much sweeter.

My delay seems like a blessing. I was not ready for the trip yet. Plus a friend of mine told me it was much cheaper to fly to a larger city in Indonesia and book a separate flight to my destination (Sorong). Turns out they were right. This move could save me $700. A massive amount for a backpacker. There’s a local Indonesian airline called Lion Air. It seems as though someone can travel anywhere in Indonesia for $500. Now if only they would accept my credit card online or answer one of my many emails.

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