Thanks to everyone for the messages and comments on the blog, they are getting through to David.  He really appreciates receiving them – he is just unable to respond at the current time.

We moved homestays and said goodbye to some of our group. I am currently staying at Mambetron Homestay situated on Pulau Kri Island. It somewhat feels like I’m back in civilization. I have access to internet again and there are plenty of other homestays along the beach.

You can walk 5 kms in each direction on low tide. All the villas were taken so I had to settle for the cleaning room by the kitchen. It’s obviously not as luxurious as the other rooms but much cheaper.

I was mentioning mosquitoes and spiders in the last post. You can now add rats to that list.  I saw one in my room last night. You can also hear them scratching inside the bathroom walls. I was on extra guard during my 4am adventure.

I took a walk yesterday to Kayak For Conservation to introduce myself. Tertius, the one I have been in contact with was away yesterday. I hope to touch base with him tomorrow. It’s quite the operation, much larger than I imagined.

The weather has been good for the most part. We are right on the equator (past it the other day). It doesn’t rain for long – if at all. The air is very humid though, clothes never fully dry unless hung in the sun.

I went fishing with the owner of the last homestay. Their wooden rods are primitive. The idea was to catch bait fish. He tried for well over an hour trying to snag a bait fish with only a hook. There were literally thousands of fish beneath us. I asked him through a translator why he wouldn’t just use a net to catch the bait fish. His response “we only catch what we need”. It goes to show you our different trains of thought. I think about efficiency, he thinks about sustainability. These different thought processes are the foundation of our societies and why they are so different.

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