So to my surprise, we ended up going to a place called Wayag which is situated in the north west part of Raja Ampat. Apparently this is the place that has been my background picture on my desktop for well over a year now. I really do think it’s the most beautiful place in the world. Seeing it in person confirmed that opinion. In fact pictures of this place is why I wanted to come to Indonesia.

We all hiked to one of the peaks to take pictures. The hike was quite treacherous. The rock is dead coral which makes for a very sharp and uneven surface.  Our guides actually did it barefoot. I took a moment for myself after all the pictures were taken. I was a satisfied man. My dream of visiting this place came true.

The boat ride to this grouping of islands takes about an hour and a half. The weather turned for the worse as we made our trip back to the homestay. We were on a 7 meter, open cockpit boat is the open pacific. We had large swells and chop, but nothing too crazy. We were the first guests at Prajas guesthouse. It’s been in operation for 2 months. Owned and operated by a very entrepreneurial 23 year old. He was cool and very eager to learn English. In fact everyone at our homestay was friendly and welcoming.

Our second day was spent visiting the village across the bay. I have never seen a happier group of children in my life. Their whole day is spent playing outside exploring and learning new things. They have a beautiful place as their backyard.  Every day our group snorkels at least twice. We have seen turtles, manta ray, shark, eel, colourful lobster and sea snakes. I still can’t get believe how many fish are here.

Lately I have got into this habit of waking up around 4am for a bathroom break. It’s a bit unnerving walking into these dark moist places. It seems to be a favourite hangout for wolf spider about the size of my palm. After scanning the area for spiders most of my time is spent swatting mosquitoes.

During our last day at Prajas I spent 5 mins cleaning up the beach. The beach was situated near the homestay and was actually cleaned before we arrived. I managed to fill a bag in less then 5 mins. Our travel guide Ranny and I discussed our idea more. We are creating a program for people who want to visit the area while making a difference to the community.

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