We are not a large company. Friendly Drifter is a two person operation, with big aspirations for the community. With the help from volunteers, we hope to build a recycling facility in Waisai (the largest city and gateway to Raja Ampat). No recycling facility currently exists. People have resorted to burning or throwing their waste in the ocean, unaware of the impact this has on the environment. This has been the practice of area tribes for thousands of years. In the past all waste was organic and would decompose. Unfortunately this “throw-away” practice continued after the introduction of plastics. Friendly Drifter will not be the only solution to the plastic waste problem. However combined with education and support from the local government, we will make an impact.”

Ranny has been a guide in Raja Ampat since 2013. A love of nature, interacting with people and bringing cultures together is what creates joy in her life. Ranny feels that building connections between people and nature creates bridges of respect and understanding. The thrill of exploring the unique diversity of Raja Ampat and being fluent in Indonesian and English, makes Ranny an exceptional guide.

It was during her high school years that Ranny first became aware of issues with plastic waste. Raised in a flood area, she was all too familiar with the growing impact plastic waste was having on the environment and the people.

Ranny feels that tourism plays an important role in bringing about change. It creates a framework for enlightening the locals on the importance of a clean environment. For her, its about education, not only on the dangers and potential destruction of their beautiful environment, but also on their health and culture they hold so dear. Ranny is results driven, as a guide, and her work with Friendly Drifter, she is grateful for the opportunity of making a difference.

There is no easy solution. Creating connections, managing tourism with conservation, and education is the answer to making change sustainable. Being the epicenter of the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat is a vital region for marine life. If this area is destroyed, an unbalance will be created for all marine life on the planet.


David left his career in the financial industry to embark on a two month journey throughout Raja Ampat. Before he arrived, he searched for ways to experience the local culture, and its natural beauty while giving back to the community. It seemed most of the area volunteer organizations were dedicated to diving. The dive experience was beyond his budget, and it was difficult to determine the extent of the impact they were having on conservation.

Through the Stay Raja Ampat website, David learned there was a need to raise awareness for locally owned homestays. He created the Friendly Drifter website to review the homestays and support their businesses.

During his journey he couldn’t help notice the plastic waste that littered the beaches and island communities. He was lucky enough to meet locals who shared the same concerns. After numerous brainstorming sessions, talks with community leaders, and government officials, he joined forces with Ranny. Together they created a platform to start tackling the plastic waste issue, and will begin fundraising to support recycling initiatives.

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