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Preparation Round Two

It has been exactly one year since we pulled the plug on the Ocean Rescue Run. It was a hard decision to make even though it was the only choice that made any sense. Here we are, exactly one year later and preparing to finish it. My mom and I drive down to Reedsport Oregon Thursday night. I remember the exact place we stopped last year. We spent two nights to see if I could heal up from a staph infection in my foot. I am going back refreshed, healthy, and ready to tackle the final third of this run.

The first week last year was by far the hardest. Expecting the same this year, although I’ve done some longer runs over the past 2 weeks to prepare my body for the onslaught. Some things we’ll do differently this round. I’ll be dressed as Poseidon when running through towns and city centers to gather more attention. I thought the costume was suitable since Poseidon is the protector of the Ocean in Greek mythology. A lady named Deb helped put professional touches on my costume by sewing the man skirt, thank you Deb! The Duncan Fabricland store was a huge help and gave us a discount on all material – without us even asking! We also have signage on the van this year to get more attention. The signage was done by Mark’s Instant Sign Shop, also in Duncan – thank you for a fantastic job and terrific discount Mark!


My plan is finish at Kitsilano beach on Sunday, June 18th. It would be amazing If you can make it to the beach that day to help celebrate!

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Cath, our author for Ocean Warriors Plastic in Paradise wrote a couple pieces on her inspiration for the two characters in the book, Novi and Petrus. Check out her Facebook posts at:

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