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Crossed the Canadian Border

The Canadian Border was crossed on the evening of Wednesday, June 14th. A record distance of 82 km or 50.95 miles was covered that day!!!  Plans are to celebrate the completion of the Ocean Rescue Run at Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver; on Saturday, June 17th!  An event was created on the Friendly Drifter Facebook page, so

Weather Like Home

The last four days have consisted of a series of ups & downs - long hills and cooler weather.  Portland was a terrific stop and due to a the TV interview and trip to Adidas headquarters, the distance covered was lower that normal yesterday. We entered Washington State - feels terrific!  Also have a special

Oregon Gone

Things have continued to go well, despite the onslaught of allergies that have affected rest & sleep. Picked up some allergy medication on a vehicle side trip in to Independence OR and also had to fix a burnt out headlight bulb. David kept running while DJ from AutoZone fixed the headlight! Also the friendly folks

Over the Ridge

First three days of the run have gone very well.  The route over the ridge and through a national forest provided little if no access to cell service. The run began just east of Reedsport, OR where the trip was postponed last year.  In two days, David has run from Reedsport Oregon, traveling just west

Preparation Round Two

It has been exactly one year since we pulled the plug on the Ocean Rescue Run. It was a hard decision to make even though it was the only choice that made any sense. Here we are, exactly one year later and preparing to finish it. My mom and I drive down to Reedsport Oregon

The Making of Ocean Warriors

As some of you may know, Friendly Drifter has been creating a children’s book to educate young minds on the harmful effects plastic waste has on the environment. Education plays major role in creating a sustainable waste management system for Raja Ampat. The initial idea for creating such a book came to me when I

Team Effort

I have been in Raja Ampat for 10 days now. My arrival was perfectly timed as it coincided with a festival in Waisai. People came from all over Indonesia for the festival. There were plenty of organizations with booths dedicated to some sort of waste management; from education and programs to upcycle plastic bottles and


My Recovery is coming along nicely. I was diagnosed with a staph infection on my left foot during the last phases of the Ocean Rescue Run. The infection has now subsided but the wound itself is still healing. I was given antibiotics via IV daily for 6 days. This dramatically reduced the swelling. I was

Tough Decision

Dave made it to Oregon today!!! This was a huge milestone for him as the California coast was the longest portion of the Ocean Rescue Run. Big gains, yet a tough decision lay ahead. May 22nd, 2016 (Day 35) total distance completed: 57.96 km / 36.01 miles start: between Crescent City and False Klamath, CA

Reached Half Way Point

Dave passes the Ocean Rescue Run halfway mark nearing his way into Oregon! We encountered a bit more excitement this last while than usual so read on! A long post due to our lack of internet access this past while... May 15th, 2016 (Day 28) total distance completed: 50.20 km / 31.19 miles start: Willits,