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Things have continued to go well, despite the onslaught of allergies that have affected rest & sleep. Picked up some allergy medication on a vehicle side trip in to Independence OR and also had to fix a burnt out headlight bulb. David kept running while DJ from AutoZone fixed the headlight! Also the friendly folks at Ace Hardware in Independence, great help & advice on much needed supplies!

Jun 5th, 2017 (Day 42)
total distance 55.9 km / 34.73 miles

start: north of Adair Village, OR
stop: south west of Dayton, OR
total distance achieved to date: 1936.4 km or 1203.22 miles

Traveled through Monmouth, and Amity on the way to Dayton. Headwinds prevail on mostly flat terrain, great wide shoulders to run on and warm sunny weather. Beautiful endless vineyards, that would be great to stop and sample next time!

Jun 6th, 2017 (Day 43)
total distance 58 km / 36.04 miles

start: south west of Dayton, OR
stop: Heritage Tree Park, Portland, OR
total distance achieved to date: 1994.4 km or 1239.26 miles

Nice and cool, early start on the way through Dayton…got hotter as the day went on; up to 28C or 84F. The heat drains the strength, but had a much better sleep last night, so fine to forge on. Traveled through Newburg, OR and decided to “suit up” in the Poseidon costume when arrived in Tigard. Lots of traffic, smiles and waves once the suit came on…even had the first cash donation – on the street!

Plans are to run through Portland tomorrow, wearing the Poseidon costume – all you Portlanders out there – would love a honk or a wave!

To raise awareness on the effects of plastic waste in our oceans and funds for waste management solutions in Raja Ampat, Friendly Drifter Co-Founder David Pennington continued the Ocean Rescue Run on June 2nd, 2017 in Reedsport, Oregon and plans to finish in Vancouver, Canada. The route was chosen to connect ocean coasts, remove international boundaries and bring attention to this global issue.  “Some of our western technologies, plastic culture and production have had serious negative impacts on the environment, all over the world.  I feel we have a responsibility to create solutions for areas ill-equipped to deal with the waste issues.” states David. Last year David ran from the US/Mexican border to Reedsport, Oregon – where the run was suspended due to an infection in his foot. Beginning where he left off, the Ocean Rescue Run will comprise of approximately 2700 km / 1740 miles. If you have the means and wish to participate please visit the Go Fund Me website.  Additional details and more information on our program can be located on our Home and Participate pages.  News and articles can be found on the Media link. Thank you!

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