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The Ocean Rescue Run from the US/Mexican border to Vancouver Canada is complete! The route for the run along the Pacific Coast Highway was chosen to connect ocean coasts, remove international boundaries and bring attention to the global issue surrounding plastic waste in our oceans.  In addition to raising awareness, I hope to raise funds for waste management solutions in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Goals of Friendly Drifter include but are not limited to:

• buying land in order to build a waste management facility where waste can be incinerated and plastics cleaned and organized for recycling
• fabricate a boat on-site, complete with built-in compactor for collections throughout the islands
• hire locals for daily maintenance of these two facilities
• organize regular beach and village clean ups

One Hundred percent (100%!) of funds raised will go directly to Friendly Drifter in order to achieve these goals. All other on-going expenses have been, and will continue to be covered privately. For more information, visit  If you wish to participate in our efforts, please consider a donation through www.gofundme.com/friendlydrifter.

Thank you!

Friendly Drifter Ocean Rescue Run - Complete

David became passionate about cycling and running during his preparation for, and completion of, the Cabo San Lucas Iron Man in the spring of 2014.  David has a proven track record of completing arduous tasks. In 2008 David cycled with a group from Cairo to Cape Town, Africa – a 12,000 km journey that took place over a four month period.

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