In Ocean Rescue Run

Crossed the Canadian Border

The Canadian Border was crossed on the evening of Wednesday, June 14th. A record distance of 82 km or 50.95 miles was covered that day!!!  Plans are to celebrate the completion of the Ocean Rescue Run at Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver; on Saturday, June 17th!  An event was created on the Friendly Drifter Facebook page, so check there for details & updates.

All funds raised by the Ocean Rescue Run go towards creating sustainable waste management systems for Raja Ampat, Indonesia – the most marine bio-diverse region on the planet!  A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made donations through the GoFundMe website, and those who gave off the site. It is wonderful having support for this cause.

Often asked – why the run? What drives me to get up every day and run 50-60 km, is my love for the Ocean. The Oceans are being bombarded with discarded plastic waste, all over the globe. The non-profit I co-founded, Friendly Drifter, is creating a waste management system in the most marine bio-diverse region on the planet. Raja Ampat, Indonesia currently has no recycling facilities in the area. With this Ocean Rescue Run, from Mexico to Canada, my hope is to spread awareness on the harmful affects of plastic in our oceans and to help fund a recycling facility in Raja Ampat.

Copies of the children’s book, Ocean Warriors Plastic in Paradise, will be made available for purchase on Saturday at Kitsilano Beach, cash sales only – sorry, no credit cards.  All profits from the sale of Ocean Warriors Plastic in Paradise book, will be used to fund further education initiatives for the children of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Online purchases of the book, with credit card payment options can be made at Ocean Warriors Plastic in Paradise.

Jun 11th, (Day 47)
total distance 61.3 km / 38.09 miles

start: Parkland, WA
stop: Safeco Field
total distance achieved to date: 2093.1 km / 1300.59 miles

Got up early, and drove from the Walmart Parking lot in Spanaway where we spent the night, to the end point on the previous day. Suited up as Poseidon and headed through Parkland and past the Tacoma Dome on to a rendezvous spot for a road crew switch in north Tacoma. Continued through Des Moines and past the airport, ending near Safeco Field. Received a donation on the street for the Ocean Rescue Run – thank you Seattle!

Jun 12th, (Day 48)
total distance 61.2 km / 38.03 miles

start: Safeco Field
stop: Marysville, WA
total distance achieved to date: 2154.3 km / 1338.62 miles

The weather has cooperated perfectly and the people have been awesome!  It was perfect having the support of more family to share a few days while on this journey. Time for a new pair of running shoes!  Thanks to my generous friends and employers, Dan & Dorothy Baker, I was able to get some in Seattle. Was also interviewed by KOMO TV while running through the city – appreciate the interest very much! Was stopped by Everett’s finest for a photo op…thank you to the Everett police for the opportunity!

Jun 13th, (Day 49)
total distance  47 km / 29.2 miles

start: Marysville, WA
stop: Mt. Vernon, WA
total distance achieved to date: 2201.30 km / 1367.82 miles

Cloudy weather, nice temperatures for running. Went to bed very early, as the plan is to reach the Canadian border tomorrow, some 80 km from where we are now – it will be a record day if all goes as planned!

Jun 14th, (Day 50)
total distance  82 km / 50.95 miles

start: Mt. Vernon, WA
stop: Canadian Border!
total distance achieved to date: 2283.3 km / 1418.77 miles

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