Monthly Archives: December 2015

Good Morning Waisai


It's great to be back in Waisai. I've seen some familiar faces already. One of the guides on the jungle expedition, (who happens to work for a forest and wildlife conservation program), offered me a free place to stay while I get situated. I took him up on the offer and stayed for a night

Into the Jungle

Last minute changes again (I love not having a schedule). I flew with Ranny to Sorong. Along the way she told me about some guests she was having the day we arrived. They are reptile lovers and had plans of trekking into the jungle in hopes of finding snakes. I've been itching to see the


Well I remember why I fell in love with Indonesia. Not only for its majestic beauty, but because of the people; I'm blown away how the people here are so warm and welcoming. Last minute I made a change of plans. Ranny had told me she was attending a sustainable tourism conference in Yogyakarta on