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Well I remember why I fell in love with Indonesia. Not only for its majestic beauty, but because of the people; I’m blown away how the people here are so warm and welcoming. Last minute I made a change of plans. Ranny had told me she was attending a sustainable tourism conference in Yogyakarta on Java. I took this opportunity to see an area of Indonesia that I haven’t seen before, and made some great connections within the tourism ministry. The city is known for being the cultural center of Indonesia. The sultan’s residential palace is here along with universities and other tourist attractions that you can find here –

I didn’t ask to attend the conference myself, not wanting to barge in, so I spent the day exploring the city. One can easily walk around the city day or night alone, and feel completely at ease. On my last day in Yogyakarta, conference attendees and I went to a rural village where traditional dance and music took place. I made some great connections while there.

Tourism officials from all over the country were intrigued by what we’re trying to accomplish in Raja Ampat. I received three offers from other communities within Indonesia to try and create sustainable waste management systems. Obviously there won’t be a time when no plastic waste exists in the area. But if we can pressure the government enough to create sustainable programs for waste management, my work will be somewhat complete and I can focus elsewhere and replicate these efforts.

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