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Running Strategy

We have had delays in getting this post out; we do not always have good internet access along our route. These five days brought about a new game plan and changes for us both. We assessed Dave’s running and health patterns more rigorously to be sure we were being both effective and safe in how

The Interview

We’ve passed the three week mark on the Ocean Rescue Run! Dave has run for 23 days, completing 1008.35 km / 626.56 miles. Since I primarily write the blog now I know people must miss hearing from Dave as intimately and as much as they used to. So voila! Why are you doing this run?

Silicone Valley

Dave has completed 3 weeks of the Ocean Rescue Run! From the wild west coast to Silicone Valley, we've had ups and downs but we are happy with how things have gone and are excited to see how the rest goes; we hope you are too. May 6th, 2016 (Day 19) total distance completed: 13.20

The Wild Coast

These three days along the wild coast were a challenge that brought a ton of hills, elephant seals and winding roads but Dave navigated them like a champ. May 2nd, 2016 (Day 15) total distance completed: 55.40 km / 34.42 miles start: San Simeon, CA stop: about halfway between San Simeon, CA and Big Sur,

500 km Celebration

These past 3 days were a success; Dave completed some good mileage for the Ocean Rescue Run and was able to have a full rest day. The areas we went through were mostly quiet and definitely beautiful. April 29th, 2016 (Day 12) total distance completed: 43.47 km / 27.01 miles start: Santa Maria, CA stop:

Fuel for the Soul

Despite how physically difficult it has been at times for Dave to run everyday, the journey has provided some spectacular scenery.  Fuel for the soul that provides great inspiration. April 25th, 2016 (Day 8) total distance completed: 38.63 km / 24 miles start: Oxnard, CA just past the Ventura County Naval Base stop: between Ventura,

From the Inner City to the Bu

Hi – Kate here aka Dave’s girlfriend and part of his run support team (I drive the van, give massages, make meals and now write the blog!).  For the remainder of the run I will update the blog in order to give Dave time to focus on running, time to answer inquiries, and rest. I’m

So It Begins

Day 1 – Kate and I drove down to the Mexican border Sunday night. We got as close as we could to the border while still being on the coast. We could see the border wall with search lights where we stayed the night. We heard helicopters flying above us all night. Lots of things


Coming home early from Raja Ampat due to my battle with malaria, has given me the much needed time to focus on the Ocean Rescue Run.  I haven’t organized anything like this before and the time required to give it a chance of being successful is tremendous.  My mom and I have been busy over

Raja Ampat Ocean Rescue Run

Things have come a long way since I've been back home. My health has gotten much better, Ranny is doing incredible things in Raja Ampat and Friendly Drifter is evolving once more. When I returned home, my body was weak, and my mind was cloudy. Doing normal daily activities resulted in muscle soreness the very