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Silicone Valley

Dave has completed 3 weeks of the Ocean Rescue Run! From the wild west coast to Silicone Valley, we’ve had ups and downs but we are happy with how things have gone and are excited to see how the rest goes; we hope you are too.

May 6th, 2016 (Day 19)
total distance completed: 13.20 km / 8.20 miles

start: just west of Watsonville, CA
stop: Seacliff, CA
total distance achieved to date: 819.23 km / 509.05 miles

We took today as a rest day but Dave still got some distance in. We weren’t planning on today being a rest day but it ended up working out that way. Last night we had to move our parking spot just as we were falling asleep; we think this may have been the result of it being Cinco de Mayo and the police were on the lookout. We moved and found another spot but were woken up by a curious citizen just before 6am; it turned out he had a Westfalia as well and wanted to have a long chat about it – Westy owners are passionate about their vehicles! Dave got to a late start and a little while after he did the rain decided to come out and play and we were forced to fold for the day. (The rest day was very much welcome.)

May 7th, 2016 (Day 20)
total distance completed: 60.32 km / 37.48 miles

start: Seacliff, CA
stop: Mountain View, CA (not far from Stanford University)
ran by: Santa Cruz, Soquel Demonstration State Forest, Los Gatos, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Cupertino (Apple headquarters!)
total distance achieved to date: 879.55 km / 546.53 miles

Today we both played catch up; Dave with mileage and me with van duties and blogging. Dave had a nice route to run and I got to go by the Apple headquarters which the nerd in me loved. Dave was feeling great; his blisters were almost all healed up (finally!) and his body seemed to have settled into the pace of the run quite nicely. It is a real relief, for both of us, to not have to worry about how his body will respond each day. Dave is really good at listening to his body and knowing what his body needs so this makes things a lot easier overall.

May 8th, 2016 (Day 21) Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!
total distance completed: 45.08 km / 28.01 miles

start: Mountain View, CA (not far from Stanford University)
stop: South San Francisco, CA
ran by: Palo Alto, Stanford University, Redwood City, Belmont, San Mateo, and San Bruno
total distance achieved to date: 924.63 km / 574.54 miles

It has been difficult to find the balance between nutrition and rest with the length and distance of Dave’s runs? When Dave feels great he wants to push and get extra miles in but if he pushes too much he can get pretty exhausted the next day which is what happened today. Fortunately it was a perfect running day with easy terrain. It was bright and sunny but not too hot with a bit of a breeze. Dave ran along one road the whole time and it had a sidewalk so he didn’t have to worry about keeping track of his route or about traffic much unless he was at a stoplight (which he didn’t love because it slowed him down). We discussed how to go about trying to avoid the bouts of exhaustion as best we could and decided that even on a perfect day he would cap it around 55km (we are still negotiating ;)) as the short term gains of getting in more mileage on one day hasn’t been outweighing the long term physical and mental effects that result. We are confident this will make a positive difference!

To raise awareness on the effects of plastic waste in our oceans and funds for management solutions in Raja Ampat, Friendly Drifter Co-Founder David Pennington began the Ocean Rescue Run on April 18th, 2016 at the US/Mexican border and will end in Vancouver, Canada. The route for the run along the Pacific Coast Highway was chosen to connect ocean coasts, remove international boundaries and bring attention to this global issue.  “Some of our western technologies, plastic culture and production have had serious negative impacts on the environment, all over the world.  I feel we have a responsibility to create solutions for areas ill-equipped to deal with the waste issues.” states David.

The Ocean Rescue Run is approximately 2700 km / 1740 miles. If you have the means and wish to participate please visit the Go Fund Me website.  Additional details and more information on our program can be located on our Home and Participate pages.  News and articles can be found on the Media link.

Thank you!

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