In Ocean Rescue Run


Coming home early from Raja Ampat due to my battle with malaria, has given me the much needed time to focus on the Ocean Rescue Run.  I haven’t organized anything like this before and the time required to give it a chance of being successful is tremendous.  My mom and I have been busy over the last two months – getting the word out.  April is almost here and time is flying by.   A part of me just wants to get going, hit that pavement and run. However hundreds of promotional emails had to be sent, approaching sponsors requesting support, and contacting the media.  I have done five interviews with local media outlets and will be posting links once published.

As some of you may know, Kate and I will be departing Vancouver on April 3rd.  We are driving our westy (VW Westfalia) to Los Angeles where we will park it for a week while attending a wedding along the Myan Riviera. Kate has the very important job of ensuring I stay hydrated during the one week all-inclusive affair. We fly back to Los Angeles on April 17th and continue driving to Imperial Beach California.  We’ll spend the night knowing all the preparation time is now over, the real journey is about to begin.

I doubt I’ll get quality sleep that night in fact just typing about it now stirs excitement. Have I taken on too much? Has my malaria affected me in ways I can’t measure yet? I think about these questions all of the time. My goal is to be finished by June 2nd which gives us 46 days to complete the run.


The total distance is going to be 2800 kms which will require an average of 62km/day, with no rest days. I will running more than that once my body gets accustomed to the routine; hopefully I can enjoy a few rest days along the way. The target is ambitious, but why not make it so? In the end I’ll be happy to complete the feat, setting a goal of running 46 days will keep me focused and driven. The route has been confirmed, which is why we have added 100 km to the total. I will be avoiding highways when I can. The van is ready for the long journey and so are we.

The most important step when preparing for anything is the belief in oneself.

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