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Fuel for the Soul

Despite how physically difficult it has been at times for Dave to run everyday, the journey has provided some spectacular scenery.  Fuel for the soul that provides great inspiration.

April 25th, 2016 (Day 8)
total distance completed: 38.63 km / 24 miles

start: Oxnard, CA just past the Ventura County Naval Base
stop: between Ventura, CA and Carpinteria, CA
total distance achieved to date: 355.39 km / 220.83 miles

Today was tough given the environment; it was incredibly windy which required extra effort on Dave’s part. Sand was flying everywhere (thank goodness Dave decided to wear sunglasses today) and dirt was all over. One good thing about this area was that Dave got a break from the heat as it was on the cooler, if not cold, side for the majority of the day. Ventura was quite beautiful as there was a bunch of waterways throughout and boats abounded; it had a bit of an east coast vibe to it and Dave said it reminded him a lot of Florida.


April 26th, 2016 (Day 9)
total distance completed: 51.50 km / 32 miles

start: between Ventura, CA and Carpinteria, CA
stop: right by San Marcos Pass, CA
ran through: Summerland and Santa Barbara
total distance achieved to date: 406.89 km / 252.83 miles

Woke up to the sounds of crashing waves and the sunrise and got an early 7:00 am start. Once we got into Santa Barbara the terrain was quite hilly for a long while, not to mention it was quite hot. Dave was feeling great though and it seems as if we have learned how to nourish (click Vegan Van Girl here!), hydrate, and rest his body in order to keep it running smoothly.

April 27th, 2016 (Day 10)
total distance completed: 51.8 km / 31.2 miles

start: right by San Marcos Pass, CA
stop: near Los Olivos, CA west of Los Padres National Forest
ran by: Lake Cachuma
total distance achieved to date: 458.69 km / 285.02 miles

Today was a hot one! The landscape was beautiful but it was pretty bare along the roadway and the heat hit pretty quickly out of the gate this morning. There was a bunch of wildlife along our route such as snakes and deer; it was refreshing to see such a large area of land so untouched. We finally passed Lake Cachuma which was all Dave had been talking about for the last 2 days; unfortunately because of the long standing drought most of it was dried up. The majority of the afternoon was spent going through wine country which was beautiful and of course tempting. We were both excited and relieved that Dave seemed to have found a good rhythm after the few aches and pains experienced early on.

April 28th, 2016 (Day 11)
total distance completed: 53.75 km / 33.40 miles

start: near Los Olivos, CA west of Los Padres National Forest
stop: Santa Maria, CA
total distance achieved to date: 492.09 km / 305.77 miles

Today was a good one as Dave figured out a way to run that keeps his joints and muscles loose allowing him to cover good distance without feeling too exhausted. We are slowly upping distance and completing close to 54km today was more than we had even planned. The roads today weren’t very busy and the scenery along them was beautiful (as almost every other day; we are lucky).  Dave wanted me to note that even though he wears his Friendly Drifter shirt every day, the only honks he has gotten have been when he has had to go to the washroom on the side of the road! Personally, as long as he is safe I am happy.


To raise awareness on the effects of plastic waste in our oceans and funds for management solutions in Raja Ampat, Friendly Drifter Co-Founder David Pennington began the Ocean Rescue Run on April 18th, 2016 at the US/Mexican border and will end in Vancouver, Canada. The route for the run along the Pacific Coast Highway was chosen to connect ocean coasts, remove international boundaries and bring attention to this global issue.  “Some of our western technologies, plastic culture and production have had serious negative impacts on the environment, all over the world.  I feel we have a responsibility to create solutions for areas ill-equipped to deal with the waste issues.” states David.

The Ocean Rescue Run is approximately 2700 km / 1740 miles. If you have the means and wish to participate please visit the Go Fund Me website.  Additional details and more information on our program can be located on our Home and Participate pages.  News and articles can be found on the Media link.

Thank you!

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