In Ocean Rescue Run

The Wild Coast

These three days along the wild coast were a challenge that brought a ton of hills, elephant seals and winding roads but Dave navigated them like a champ.

May 2nd, 2016 (Day 15)
total distance completed: 55.40 km / 34.42 miles

start: San Simeon, CA
stop: about halfway between San Simeon, CA and Big Sur, CA; to the west of Los Padres National Forest
total distance achieved to date: 653.72 km / 406.20 miles

The highlight today, besides the awesome distance Dave completed, was the elephant seals at San Simeon. They are such a hoot. We saw them on the way down and I’m glad we passed by them again as I really get a kick out of them. Since Friendly Drifter supports protecting ocean life their story was of interest and is a pretty cool one; find out about it here: Friends of the Elephant Seal. It was an overcast day today which Dave actually prefers for running; it was a bit cooler, misty, and there was no beating sun to deal with.

May 3rd, 2016 (Day 16)
total distance completed: 50.00 km / 31.07 miles

start: about halfway between San Simeon, CA and Big Sur, CA; to the west of Los Padres National Forest
stop: Big Sur, CA
ran by: Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
total distance achieved to date: 703.72 km / 437.27 miles

Hills, hills, and more hills: that was the theme of today. The scenery was breathtaking as we were directly along the coast but the road was winding and the hills abundant. Dave likes the hills as it keeps him engaged and works some different muscles, however the downhills aren’t easy on his joints and at the end of the day this terrain renders him pretty exhausted. Despite this he covered good distance and it continues to surprise me as he tends to get pretty distracted wanting to take photos of everything! We decided that sleeping in a little later than 6am tomorrow would be a good idea in order to give Dave some extra time to recuperate.

May 4th, 2016 (Day 17)
total distance completed: 49.20 km / 30.57 miles
start: Big Sur, CA
stop: Monterey, CA
ran through: Andrew Molera State Park and Garrapata State Park
total distance achieved to date: 752.92 km / 467.84 miles

Dave got a 8:30am start today; the extra rest was needed and well deserved. Yesterday he met a few people on his run. He spoke to a couple from Washington and the lady was in the process of doing the Pacific Crest Trail which reminds me that I still haven’t read Wild but I want to; I definitely have a bit of a love for Cheryl Strayed. There was another vehicle that passed Dave a couple times and honked and cheered when they went by. They ended up finding Dave on Instagram, I’m not sure how, and now they are following along! This was awesome to see and I’m hoping that more of this happens along the rest of the way. We went to the sports centre and had our first hot shower in 17 days; pure bliss!

May 5th, 2016 (Day 18)
total distance completed: 53.11 km / 33.00 miles

start: Monterey, CA
stop: just west of Watsonville, CA
ran through: Carmel, Sand City, Castroville, Moss Landing and Moss Landing State Wildlife Area
total distance achieved to date: 806.03 km / 500.84 miles

Today was a bit of a slow start but Dave picked up the pace and ended up completing some good mileage! It’s nice to be back in the city now as we have access to the daily things we need. It was overcast today and there was a bit of light rain but the terrain was mostly flat which was a welcome change from the last few days. I think the hot shower and bit of pool time last night helped Dave’s muscles as I didn’t hear of any aches and pains at all! I visited a couple of newspapers in Monterey today and our fingers are crossed as I got a lead and we hope for a story… Instagram has served as a good platform for us both to connect with people along the route; follow Dave @friendlydrifter and me @veganvangirl as we post some cool pictures and give you more of an inside look at the trip!

To raise awareness on the effects of plastic waste in our oceans and funds for waste management solutions in Raja Ampat, Friendly Drifter Co-Founder David Pennington began the Ocean Rescue Run on April 18th, 2016 at the US/Mexican border and will end in Vancouver, Canada. The route for the run along the Pacific Coast Highway was chosen to connect ocean coasts, remove international boundaries and bring attention to this global issue.  “Some of our western technologies, plastic culture and production have had serious negative impacts on the environment, all over the world.  I feel we have a responsibility to create solutions for areas ill-equipped to deal with the waste issues.” states David. The Ocean Rescue Run is approximately 2700 km / 1740 miles. If you have the means and wish to participate please visit the Go Fund Me website.  Additional details and more information on our program can be located on our Home and Participate pages.  News and articles can be found on the Media link. Thank you!

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